1. Does the bike have to be properly insured?
No. Insurance is not compulsory.

2. What will happen in case of accident?
The organiser declines any responsibilities in the case of any accidents between the participants.
You will have to find a compromise between those involved. For further information, contact your insurer.

3. What about catering?
The Pit Brasserie is open from 7.30 am You can get a lunch buffet. Alcohol consumption is forbidden for all participants

4. How will the motorcycles be sorted into the different groups?
The motorcycles will be classified by capacity and constructional year.

5. Which documents do we have to take?
Your identity card (or your driving licence), the letter of confirmation and the completed and signed indemnity form are mandatory.

6. What will happen in case of terrible weather conditions?
The event will take place unless cancellation of the event by the organizer due to exceptional conditions.
You must make up your own minds whether to take part or not (no refund).

7. I’ve applied and paid but unfortunately, I cannot come. Can I get a refund?
No amount will be refunded. With agreement of the organiser, someone else can eventually take your place.

8. Is there anything special we ought to know about riding on a circuit?
There is no particular knowledge required: only the meaning of flags and lights.

9. Is there a decibel limit?
No, there is no decibel limit during the Bikers' Classics.
The bike can be equipped with an open exhaust, but it must be in good condition.

10. Can the original equipment of the bike be modified?
Yes, slick tyres or other racing modifications are authorized.

11. Is there a photographer on the event?
Yes, our official photographer is present during each event : www.fotoeventi.com
You can buy the photo on the day or order them via the website.