Wayne Gardner and Phil Read in the spotlights


Wayne Gardner first participated at the Bikers'Classics in 2013, to celebrate the 25th birthday of his victory on the track of Spa-Francorchamps. That was in the year 1988. He won with a thirty second lead on Eddie Lawson. The legendary Australian rider will return to Spa this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his world title, a title he won in 1987 aboard his Honda NSR 500 in Rothmans colours, prepared by Jeremy Burgess.


Wayne Gardner won this title thanks to his fierce style and his attacks that often frightened his adversaries. They even banned him from the track a few times because the organisers judged him as too aggressive ! A style that got him the nickname "Wollongong Wild One", after the small Australian city where he was born in 1959.


He set his first steps in Grand Prix in 1983. The following year he was already among the favourites for the world title Grand Prix 500 thanks to his determination and his drive. Three years later he took the title convincingly. In the 1987 season, Gardner won seven out of fifteen Grand Prix ! Thirty years later he attends the Bikers'Classics...


"It's always a pleasure for us to be able to welcome a champion the size of Wayne Gardner" Florian Jupsin from DG Sport confies. 'His presence will please many visitors, as will the presence of the many other champions who already confirmed."


And what about Phil Read ? He already participated at the Bikers'Classics in the past but his presence is always an event, just like in 2009 when he arrived with his motorhome and visited Campus Fracorchamps, showing particular interest in the work of the trainees.


Phil Read is marked in history as one of the best riders of all times and an emblematic motorsports figure. The FIM even crowned him "Grand Prix Legend" in 2002. He lined up at the start of a race for the last time in 1982, at the age of 43, at the occasion of the Tourist Trophy. Prior to that he won 7 world titles (one in 125cc, four in 250cc and two in 500cc). He also got Yamaha their first world title (250cc category in 1964) and achieved a total of no less than 52 Grand Prix victories. The name of his biggest adversary immediately proves his qualities : Giacomo Agostini, who finished with an equal amount of points as Read in 1975...


In Spa "the Prince of speed" will return to a circuit that witnessed him shine many times, above all in 1975 when he won the queen category aboard his MV Agusta, with an average speed of 214 km/h, more than one minute faster than the second rider (J. Newbold) and almost two minutes faster than number three, a certain Jack Findlay. So you understand that his participation at the Great Parade on the old circuit will be a bit emotional for Phil Read.