The Trial Classics : to consume without moderation ... from 11 to 87 years !


The event, launched as part of the 2018 A-XOC Bikers'Classics, quickly conquered the hearts of fans and specialists ! So much so that The Trial Classics will return to the 2019 edition, which will take place from July 5th to 7th. The least that can be said is that the programme looks good and that the entry list is well filled with riders of ... 11 to 87 years !

"We have indeed registered the entry of our youngest rider, just 11 years old," says Fred Mohring, organizer of Trial Classics. It's ... Florent Mohring, my son. There is indeed no age limit to participate in this event, as it is played on a closed circuit and on top of that on a private site. As for Georges Greenland, also one of the registered participants, he is 87 years old! "

Florent Mohring will ride a Honda TLM 50cc, a machine dating from 1985, while Georges Greenland will participate with a much older Dot 250cc, built in 1962. These two trialists are engaged in the 'Randonneurs' category, the most accessible one.

As a reminder, motorcycles eligible for The Trial Classics must imperatively be equipped with two drum brakes, two dampers and an air cooling. The event will take place on a course of 14 zones spread throughout the circuit, visited twice a day. 6 of these 14 zones will be located around the paddock, and one of them will even be located in its center !

Information : Fred Mohring – +32 495 575 201