Ten years of Bikers’ Classics, ten years of Krugger !

The artist from Basse Bodeux, world champion in the making of extraordinary motorcycles, has a surprise for us !

Not only the Bikers’ Classics will celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. Our friend Fred Bertrand, better known by the name Krugger, also blows out ten candles on his business birthday cake.
Where the Bikers’ Classics have grown into a monument for all classic bike lovers, Krugger has grown into one for all fans of extraordinary motorcycles. In once decennium, the workshop from Basse Bodeux has become universally known and it has also swept away a world title in front of the noses and beards of the Americans. A true reference !
Krugger, who was also there during the previous editions of the Bikers’ Classics, will take advantage of this double birthday to surprise the visitors to this first weekend of July in a very specific way. We will not say anything more, otherwise it would not be a surprise anymore, but it will be well worth the visit, because Krugger will take you on a journey through time to a mythical place in the United States.
All those who are familiar the fine work of our friend, know that he will have something high qualitative for us up his sleeve.
But that’s not all ! On top of the exhibition of his previous creations, Krugger will also show what he is working on for the moment.
« I’m currently working on a Honda CB 450 which I have baptised « Tribute to Japan » says the ingenious motorcycle builder. A project that is meant for the Yokohama Show, which will take place end of this year.
Why a CB 450 Black Bomber?
To show that a basic bike can become a top of the bill “café racer” and that everyone can accomplish something.
Why Yokohama and not the States ? Because this is a show of the highest level where during two days, the most ingenious extravagancies are exhibited. They are built in an entirely different spirit than in America and are the work of craftsmen who often dispose of limited financial sources. So they have to come up with new solutions to achieve their goals. In short, just the spirit that meets my personal vision.
On the Bikers’ Classics, I will show the unfinished Black Bomber, which I’m still working on, because I want to keep the exclusivity of the finished bike for Japan. Nevertheless mechanic addicts will not be disappointed : they will be able to discover some original solution attempts. »