The Sarolea SP7, guest of honor at the Bikers’Classics!

Saroléa racing, headed by Project Manager Torsten Robbens, announced today that the historic Belgian motorcycle brand will be present during the 2014 Bikers’ Classics.

Following the successful first participation during the Isle of Man TT a few weeks ago, this will be the first public appearance of the Saroléa SP7.

The Saroléa SP7 is the fastest European bike ever in the TT Zero category and the fastest new bike for 2014.
The Saroléa Racing Team is one of only 4 Teams to break the 90 Miles/Average barrier in the TT Zero class.

The Bikers’ Classics is a world class event, so it is a great honor for Saroléa Racing to be present amongst the impressive line-up of historic racing machines and riders.

About Saroléa:

Established in 1850 as the first Belgian motorcycle brand, Saroléa has always put a strong emphasis on racing to advance its development and technology.
A tradition that has continued with the development of the 2014 Saroléa SP7.

The Saroléa SP7 is built up around an innovative carbon fiber monotube chassis that cradles its ultra efficient axial flux motor.

Designed and built in Belgium, the Saroléa SP7 motorcycle showcases the company’s latest cutting edge technology.

Saroléa SP7 Specifications:

• Saroléa monotube carbon fiber chassis
• Carbon fiber monocoque rear swingarm
• Regenerative braking
• Single speed
• No clutch
• Direct chain-driven
• Top speed: 250 km/h
• 130 kW (180 Hp) - 400 Nm
• 0 - 100 km/h:  2,8 sec.
• Weight: 200 kg

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