RIDERS FOR HEALTH take a load off your shoulders

Do you also hate walking around with your stuff all day while visiting an event? Your helmet, your biker's outfit...

At the Bikers' Classics, Riders for Health provides a special service as they offer you the chance of guarding your gear at their stand for a small fee. That's a big relief for yourself and great for a wonderful cause.

For the first time the Riders for Health Benelux volunteers will be present at the Bikers' Classics. Until now, bikers who visited the event, were forced to take their belongings and gear with them into the paddock or around the circuit. Especially on warm days that is not great fun. A Riders for Health 'mobile' wardrobe at the entrance of the circuit could be a big help for those visitors. For 3 euros, visitors can fill a bag with their stuff at the Riders for Health stand and pick it up after a great day at the Bikers' Classics. Thus you support the non-profit organisation, which performs a great job providing health services in the most remote places in Africa. Riders for Health Benelux support their colleagues in Gambia. They know exactly what is needed in their country. Motorbikes play an important part in this service as transportation. To finance their work, the many Riders for Health volunteers provide their special bikers' gear guarding services at exhibitions and events. This year they will make their first appearance at the Bikers' Classics. So now, for a few euros you can get a load off your shoulders!

For more information on Riders for Health go to http://www.riders.org/