From Macao to Spa…

Portugal is better known for its football than for its motorcycle riders. Alex Laranjeira though is the exception to that rule.

Was he not the one who became national champion and vice-champion ? Each time in Superbikes, a category in which he won not less than 35 titles ! This led to his integration in the official Endurance team in 1997, under the Suzuki and Shell colours.
But his most beautiful victory is without any doubt the one in Macao in 1992. He won the Superbike category on the incredible road track, which at that time was merely a lost Portuguese colony in the Chinese Sea.
And it is aboard that Suzuki Sprite, with which he won in the hell of Macao, that he will honour the Superbikes during the 10th edition of the Bikers’ Classics on the track of Francorchamps. A motorcycle, that was restored by Yves César with a lot of love. He will lend it to Alex with pleasure for this occasion.