Lifestyle Village : take 2 !

The countdown has begun, in less than two weeks the Bikers'Classics and the Lifestyle Village will open their doors.

This year, "customs" will be well represented, with the lead singers of the discipline. Of course Fred Krugger will be there with his latest piece of art, the Yamaha SR400 - Tribute to Bernard Ansiau. But also the major Belgian players such as Kruz Company, Zadig, KD Motorcycles and many others. Accessory retailers, artists and photographers will share their passion with you. The concert on Saturday will take place in the heart of the Lifestyle Village, where the rest of the weekend cult films will be projected, films that lay at the basis of this particular lifestyle. Yamaha and Harley Davidson will also be there and will let you test ride their models.

On Saturday there will be a tour in honour of the Cafe Racer, Scrambler and other machines. A tour in and around Spa, with lots of curves. And let's not forget the drag race on Sunday.

One of the main attractions will be without any doubt the Parade on the circuit, which will be lead by the "Joe Bar Team" this year. An unforgettable moment you just cannot miss out on.

This year, the fantastic Bikers'Classics will be spiced up with the smells of leather and metal.

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We look forward to sharing these moments with you !