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The press service of Bikers’ Classics is available for all your enquires, press releases, authorisations or photographs.

Press Accreditation

In order to ensure that members of the press and media would be able to work under the best circumstances during our events, all persons will have to demonstrate their status as full-time journalists and fill out the correct forms.

We keep the right to require that detailed checks are carried out, to verify the authenticity of journalistic status, and to the optional character of a press accreditation.

General Rules

At the Press Welcome, full-time journalists, free-lance journalists, photographers and cameramen will have to show their status.
In order to be granted press accreditation, they will have to submit following documents:

  • A valid official press pass delivered by an official Journalist Association in their country.
  • The original letter with letterhead (not a copy) asking for the accreditation related to the event in question and signed by the chief editor.
  • Relevant press material bearing their name and of a recent date (no older than three months before the date of the event).
  • A recent masthead (no older than three months) naming them as an editor or freelance author of the publication in question.
  • An indemnity form, duly filled-out and signed

Special rules for on-line websites

At the Press Welcome, journalists will have to show their status as told here above for the general press.
They will also be asked to show that the web, which they work for, made a complete presentation of the event they’re about to cove.
Personal Weblogs are not eligible.

Accreditation rejection

The organizer reserves the right to accept or refuse an accreditation request or to limit the number of medias.
The following persons will not be accredited:

  • Persons lacking any form of journalistic credentials.
  • Accompanying persons who are without any journalistic status and therefore unable to show their eligibility.
  • Persons who only publish via weblogs.
  • Persons with company passes from broadcasting stations, news agencies or publishers, and who are not in possession of an editorial commission.

Important Information

The technical facilities and services available at the press centre are provided exclusively for the purposes of reporting on the event for which journalists have accreditation.
In the event of abuse, a journalist may be barred from using the press centre. In addition, the organizer also reserves the right to withdraw accreditation for the event from the journalist in question.

In exchange of a deposit, photographs and cameramen will receive a Press Jacket to access at their point of work. They will have to wear it distinctly during the whole working period. This Jacket doesn't exempt them to respect the instructions of the organizer's members, the Marshals or the security services.

The Press Welcome and Press Centre opening hours will be communicated for each event. Those hours might be modified if necessary.

Every pass is non-transferable. In case of non-respect of this rule, the journalist may be barred from using the press pass.
Accreditation request.

Every accreditation request is strictly personal and has to be sent at latest 15 days before the event per e-mail to [email protected] or per fax: 087/53.90.01. The form has to be fully filled-out and a copy of the Press card has to be joined. The request will only be considered after receiving the accreditation letter signed by the Chief Editor.
Thank you for your understanding.

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